Visit Yamaguchi Prefecture

The Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan is a scenic and vibrant prefecture located in the southern part of the Honshu island. It is bordered by Hiroshima Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, and Fukuoka Prefecture. The region features lush mountains and rivers, as well as a number of seaside towns.

One popular tourist destination in this area is Iwakuni City, which is home to the famous Kintaikyo Bridge--a five-arched bridge constructed over 400 years ago. Another scenic spot to visit is Akiyoshido Cave with its intricate network of limestone caves filled with stalactites and other cave formations.

Yamaguchi has a long history that dates back to ancient times when it was the center of politics and culture during the Heian period (794-1185). During this time, Buddhism flourished in Yamaguchi--the first Zen temple in Japan was founded here by Eisai Myoan, one of the priests who introduced Zen Buddhism from China.

Cities in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hagi, Hōfu, Onoda, Kudamatsu, Nagato, Hikari, Ube, Yamaguchi