Visit Gjilan

Gjilan, located in the eastern part of Kosovo, is a city known for its diverse culture and stunning scenery. It was once an important cultural center for the Ottoman Empire, and as such there are numerous historical sights to explore. The Old Bazaar is one of Gjilan's most popular tourist attractions; this colorful market offers visitors a chance to purchase local handicrafts and sample traditional cuisine. There are also several mosques in the area that reflect its rich history, including the 16th century Hadum Mosque. Nature lovers should take some time to explore Pashaliman National Park, which houses numerous hiking trails and beautiful views of Lake Badovci. For those looking to learn more about Gjilan's past, a visit to Gracka Cave is recommended; this cave has been inhabited since prehistoric times and contains many ancient artifacts from different cultures over the centuries. As such it provides an intriguing insight into Kosovo's history!

Cities in Gjilan

Gjilan, Vitina