Discover Gjilan

Gjilan is a city in Kosovo located along the banks of the White Drin River. Founded in 1922, it is the second largest municipality in Kosovo and was once an important trading center during Ottoman rule. Gjilan is known for its charming old town, vibrant culture, and lush green nature.

A great way to explore Gjilan is to take a walk through Old Town. Here visitors can experience traditional markets with all kinds of unique items while exploring winding cobblestone streets and admiring beautiful Ottoman architecture. The Ethnographic Museum provides an insight into life during Ottoman times as well as local artifacts from around Kosovo.

For those seeking outdoor experiences, there are many parks and forests perfect for walking or picnicking with friends and family. Longing Lake offers some stunning views of rolling hills framed by mountains; it's a paradise for nature lovers who want to enjoy the fresh air away from hustle and bustle of downtown Gjilan. Finally, make sure not to miss out on tasting some delicious traditional cuisine like stuffed peppers or goulash stew!