Visit Beirut Governorate

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The Beirut Governorate is the smallest of six administrative districts in Lebanon. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it is home to one-third of Lebanon's population and serves as an important economic center for the country. Beirut itself is a vibrant city with a grand old downtown, modern suburbs and plenty of historical sites to explore. It offers world-class restaurants, chic cafes and lively nightlife activities.

A few top tourist attractions include St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, which dates back to 1767 and The National Museum of Beirut which houses artifacts from ancient civilizations throughout history. Beit ed-Dine Palace is another popular attraction built by Ottoman Empire ruler Pasha Emir Bashir Shihab II in 1818 featuring ornate architectural details such as balconies and intricate mosaics inside its courtyards.

Beirut has a rich culture that has been shaped by centuries of various invasions including those by both Catholic Crusaders in 1110 AD and Muslim Ottomans in 1516 AD - making this governorate an interesting place to visit for any history buff!

Cities in Beirut Governorate