Visit Vaduz

Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, is a small city with a population of just 5,400 people. Located in the heart of the Rhine Valley in Western Europe, Vaduz sits between Switzerland and Austria and has stunning views of the Alps. Its old town center is home to many historic sites including Schloss Vaduz (Vaduz Castle), which dates back to the 12th century and was once owned by Counts of Werdenberg-Sargans until they sold it to the Princely Family in 1712. The castle remains their official residence today. Popular tourist attractions include Liechtenstein National Museum which houses art from local artists, as well as historical artifacts from around Europe. Additionally, travelers can view postcard worthy views from Vaduz Castle Garden or wander through Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein for contemporary and modern art pieces by both local and international artists. An interesting historical fact about Liechtenstein is that it has never participated in any war since its independence in 1866!

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