Discover Vaduz

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Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein, a small country nestled between Austria and Switzerland in western Europe. It is a charming city with an array of attractions for visitors to explore. The old town area is home to several historical sites, such as the striking 11th-century Vaduz Castle which overlooks the entire city from its hilltop position. Other attractions include the National Museum, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein which houses a collection of modern art, and Stadtle Park, a public botanical garden with well-manicured lawns and stunning views of the river Rhine Valley below.
For outdoor enthusiasts there are plenty of activities on offer including hiking trails around nearby mountains and ski resorts in winter. One can also visit hiking trails along River Rhein or kayak down it during summer months. And if you're looking for some shopping opportunities then you won't be disappointed - Vaduz offers everything from designer stores to quaint markets where you can find unique souvenirs that represent this lovely little country's culture and heritage.