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Antsiranana, located in northern Madagascar, is a diverse and vibrant city full of culture and history. The area has lush tropical forests, beautiful golden beaches, and historic sites to explore. With its close proximity to the Indian Ocean and Mozambique Channel, Antsiranana is a popular tourist destination for those looking for an exciting beach vacation.

One of the top attractions in Antsiranana is Diego Suarez Bay which offers stunning views of the harbor as well as some great restaurants with fresh seafood. Another popular spot to visit is Ambanizana Park where visitors can take a nature walk through the rainforest or even take part in activities such as zip-lining or horseback riding.

When traveling around Antsiranana you will find people speaking both French and English due to it being a former French colony until 1960 when it gained its independence. An interesting historical fact about Antsiranana includes being home to one of the world's first ever airplane landing strips built by Louis Bleriot in 1909 during his attempt at crossing from France over Africa to India by air.

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Cities in Antsiranana

Antsiran̈ana, Andoany, Ambanja, Sambava, Antalaha