Discover Muar

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Muar is a city located in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Situated on the banks of Muar River, this charming city is known for its historical importance and relaxed atmosphere. It is home to some of Malaysia's oldest buildings, including the Muar Town Mosque, which dates back to 1887. The nearby Bentayan Fort provides visitors with a glimpse into the past while they stroll through its ancient walls and dilapidated watchtowers.

The city is also renowned for its local cuisine and shopping options. Visitors can sample traditional dishes such as mee bandung or teh tarik at one of many roadside stalls in the Muar town centre or explore a variety of traditional markets selling everything from fresh produce to souvenirs.

A trip to Muar isn't complete without a visit to Tanjung Emas Park, an expansive park that includes lush gardens, trails perfect for biking or walking, as well as an artificial beach created from reclaimed land along Muar River. The Parit Jawa Fireflies Sanctuary is another must-see location where visitors can experience thousands of fireflies dancing across the night sky during their mating season between May and July each year.