Discover Majuro

25.4 thousand

Majuro is the largest city and capital of the Marshall Islands. It is situated in the southern part of the atoll, on two closely linked small coral islands between the lagoon and ocean. The climate here is tropical, with hot and humid weather year-round.

Majuro has been a key political, economic and social center of Marshall Island since its founding in 1885 by German traders. As part of their culture and heritage, locals have kept their traditional customs alive such as fishing, weaving, carving wood carvings out of coconut shells and performing traditional dances.

Visitors to Majuro can experience many sights such as Laura Beach where you can relax or swim in its clear waters; Delap Park which has beautiful gardens; and an authentic market full of local specialties like fresh seafood caught daily from Majuro's surrounding lagoon. For those looking for some adventure activities there are also kayaking tours that take visitors around some stunning coral reefs to explore incredible marine life.