Discover Port Louis

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, is located on the island's northwest coast. It is a bustling city renowned for its diverse culture and heritage, vibrant markets, and modern architecture. With an array of attractions to explore in this colorful city, visitors can easily spend days here discovering all that Port Louis has to offer.

One must-visit attraction in Port Louis is the Caudan Waterfront. This large waterfront complex provides numerous entertainment venues such as shops, eateries and cafes alongside a spectacular view of the harbor. Visitors can also explore some of Mauritius' history at places like Champs de Mars Racecourse or Fort Adelaide which were established by French colonists centuries ago. Nature lovers must visit Le Caudan Park which offers stunning views of lush greenery and exotic plants such as palms and bougainvillea flowers as well as an expansive botanical garden with many species of birds and wildlife to observe. For a cultural experience no one should miss out on La Place D'Armes - home to numerous museums detailing Mauritian history from slavery times through the present day including exhibits on art, music & culture from around the world.

Port Louis has something for everyone; make sure you don't miss out!

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