Visit Coahuila

Coahuila is a state in northern Mexico that borders the United States and is known for its captivating desert landscapes and unique history. It has a diverse landscape of mountains, deserts, canyons, rivers and lakes that makes it an ideal tourist destination. Popular attractions include the Sierra de San Marcos National Park with its pristine views of the Sierra Madres; Cuatro Cienegas, a unique wetland region home to thousands of species found nowhere else on earth; and Saltillo - one of Mexico's oldest cities with beautiful colonial architecture.

Coahuila also boasts some interesting historical facts. The state was part of the territory where Hernan Cortes first encountered Moctezuma II during his expedition through Mexico in 1519. Coahuila also played an important role in Mexican independence from Spain as it was one of the first states to join forces against Spanish rule in 1810.