Visit Colima

The Colima is a Mexican state located in the western region of the country. It has beautiful and varied landscapes such as mountains, volcanoes, beaches, lagoons and forests. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife including ocelots, deer, jaguars and various species of birds.

The city of Colima is the capital of the state which features colonial architecture and incredible views. A definite must-see when visiting is La Audiencia hill where visitors can get an amazing overlook of the city while surrounded by lush vegetation.

Other tourist attractions include Comala town with its cobblestone streets full of eateries and quaint stores or take a boat trip to San Antonio Lagoon to see flamingos on its white sand banks. The area also boasts some great archaeological sites such as El Chanal Museum which houses artifacts from pre-Hispanic cultures dating back thousands of years ago.

Colima has had an interesting history often associated with nearby volcanoes including an eruption in 1913 that destroyed much of its capital city but was eventually rebuilt over time into what it is today - one Mexico's most enchanting states full to bursting with culture and natural beauty for all visitors to explore!