Visit Durango

Durango is a state in northwest Mexico and is known for its mountainous landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Durango was once a silver mining hub, making it an incredibly important part of Mexican history. The state has several interesting attractions, including the breathtaking Copper Canyon, which is home to many ancient Tarahumara tribes. Other must-see sights include the colonial city of Durango and the Basaseachi Falls, one of Mexico's highest waterfalls located in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range.

The city of Durango also has plenty to offer visitors with its vibrant nightlife scene, traditional markets offering local delicacies such as Chorizo de Cerdo (pork sausage) and queso manchego (a type of cheese), as well as nearby beaches where you can relax on sun-soaked sand. An interesting historical fact about Durango is that it was the birthplace of renowned Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa during the early 20th century.