Visit Jalisco

Jalisco is a state in western Mexico renowned for its vibrant culture, history and scenery. The capital city of Guadalajara is known for its old colonial buildings, lively markets and mariachi music. Along the Riviera Nayarit coastline, you'll find luxury resorts nestled between secluded coves, small fishing villages and pristine beaches. The Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range provides a stunning backdrop to many of the attractions in the area.

A must-see attraction in Jalisco is Tequila, the birthplace of one of Mexico's most famous spirits. Learn about the history and production process while tasting tequila at one of many distilleries around town. For outdoor exploration visit El Salto de Juanacatlan waterfall near Tala or head to Lagos de Montebello National Park where you can swim in emerald waters surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking cliffs.

The historical significance of Jalisco dates back to 1530 when it served as home to some of the first Spanish settlements on Mexican soil. Today that spirit lives on through traditional festivals such as Dia de muertos (Day Of The Dead) which has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO since 2008 .