Visit Nayarit

Nayarit, located along the Pacific coast of Mexico, is an enchanting state filled with lush jungles, rugged mountains and a multitude of rivers. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country such as Sayulita and San Blas. Here visitors can enjoy thrilling water sports like snorkeling and surfing or simply relax in the sun.

Nayarit's history stretches back to pre-Hispanic times when it was inhabited by various indigenous groups including Cora, Huichol and Aztec. The Spanish arrived in 1523 and established missions all over the region. Today visitors can explore historic sites like Ixtlan del Rio which contains ruins from both Pre-Hispanic and Colonial periods.

The main attraction for tourists visiting Nayarit is its stunning coastline which includes Isla Marietas National Park where they can view unique wildlife such as sea turtles or watch whales migrate during their annual migration season. Other must-see places include El Museo de Sitio Cacahuamilpa, which houses a collection of artifacts from Pre-Hispanic cultures, or Tepic Cathedral, an impressive Baroque structure built in 1732 by Spaniards who settled here centuries ago.