Discover Toluca

Toluca is a vibrant city located in the State of Mexico, about 64km (40 miles) southwest of the capital, Mexico City. It stands at an elevation of 2,640 m (8,660 ft) making it one of the highest cities in North America. The city has a population of around 1.1 million and serves as both a transportation hub and tourist destination due to its proximity to Mexico City and several nearby attractions.

A visit to Toluca will be filled with plenty activity options for tourists looking for fun experiences! First off, be sure to explore the stunning downtown area which features vibrant buildings colored in red or yellow that contrast against the majestic backdrop provided by Mt Xicohtencatl -a dormant volcano visible from almost every part of town- . Additionally don't miss out on visiting some local landmarks such as La Concordia Church or El Palacio de Hierro shopping center. Lastly proceed to San Miguel Regla where you can take part on beautiful hikes up the mountain or admire Monte Alto lake from its scenic restaurant overlooking it's calm waters.