Explore Moldova

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Moldovan leu

Moldova is an exciting destination for those looking to explore Eastern Europe. This landlocked country is located between Romania and the Ukraine, with plenty of natural beauty, delicious cuisine and interesting culture to explore.

A unique fact about Moldova is that it is home to the world’s largest underground wine cellar: Cricova Winery. It houses over 1 million bottles and spans 120 kilometers - it is sure to impress anyone who visits!

Major points of interest in Moldova include its capital city, Chisinau – a vibrant city full of parks and attractions. Its old town displays some beautiful Baroque architecture, while its modern buildings make it a great place to find lively bars and clubs. Another must-see is Orheiul Vechi, a monastic complex built into the rocky hillsides northeast of Chisinau. The complex dates back to the 13th century and gives visitors an amazing insight into this country’s history.

For those looking for something more off the beaten track, head to Tipova Monastery for incredible views of the Dniester River. This monastery is nestled away in the mountainside, making it a hidden gem with stunning views and peaceful surroundings.

In conclusion, Moldova offers so much for travellers to explore; from ancient sites and beautiful countryside to vibrant cities and delicious cuisine. With so much to see and do, it’s a fantastic destination that should definitely be added to any Eastern European itinerary!