Discover Fontvieille

Fontvieille is a small residential area located in the country of Monaco. It was built on land that had previously been sea, and so has a unique landscape for visitors to explore. The streets are lined with tall buildings and shops, but there are also plenty of green spaces and public gardens to relax in.

For visitors looking for an outdoor activity, Fontvieille offers The Prince's Palace which is located on Monaco's highest hilltop above the city. This magnificent palace overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and provides stunning views of both Fontvieille and its surrounding area.

Travellers can also find numerous restaurants serving up traditional Monegasque dishes as well as international cuisine around the streets of Fontvieille. There are several high-end boutiques throughout the town, offering shoppers quality goods at reasonable prices.

Finally, tourists should take some time out to experience one of Fontville's premier attractions - Stade Louis II - a multi-purpose venue used for football matches as well as concerts from world-renowned artists from different parts of the globe.