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Mozambique is a beautiful and vibrant country located on the southeast coast of Africa. With its stunning beaches, pristine wilderness, friendly locals and unique culture, it’s an amazing place to explore. It has some of the oldest ruins in Africa, with evidence of human settlements dating back over 45,000 years.

The main tourist attractions in Mozambique are the miles of pristine beaches, with the Vilanculos region generally regarded as having some of the best in the world. For nature lovers, there’s plenty to explore including Gorongosa National Park – home to a huge variety of wildlife including hippos, elephants and lions.

Aside from these major attractions, there are also some secret gems worth seeking out. The remote Ibo Island offers an insight into traditional African life, while the nearby Bazaruto Archipelago offers snorkeling and diving opportunities among colorful coral reefs. There are also many small fishing villages dotted along the coastline which offer a glimpse into traditional ways of life.

No visit to Mozambique would be complete without experiencing its culture. From exploring traditional markets and visiting local art galleries to trying traditional dishes like Peri Peri chicken and Matapa stew - there’s something for everyone here.