Visit Chin State

The Chin State of Myanmar is a mountainous region in western Myanmar, bordering India and Bangladesh. It is known for its rugged topography and natural beauty, with sweeping mountain views and picturesque valleys.

Visitors to the Chin State will find plenty of activities to enjoy, from exploring ancient archaeological sites to enjoying local festivals. One popular tourist destination is Mt Victoria National Park, which offers hiking trails, camping spots and stunning views from the peak of Mount Victoria. For a cultural experience, visit Mindat Town where visitors can explore traditional Buddhist temples as well as markets selling local handicrafts.

The area has a fascinating history; it was once home to one of the oldest civilisations in Asia dating back 2200 years ago! Today there are over 40 different ethnic minorities living in the state who still observe their traditional customs such as weaving, tattooing and facial ornamentation. The Chin people are known for their hospitality - travellers who visit will be sure to witness unique ceremonies and customs that have been passed down through generations!

Cities in Chin State