Visit Mon State

Mon State is a beautiful region in the South of Myanmar. It is known for its lush mountain landscapes and stunning coastline. The capital city, Mawlamyine, is situated on the banks of the Salween River and offers some of the best colonial architecture in all of Myanmar.

The monastery at Kyaikthanlan Pagoda is one tourist attraction not to be missed during a visit to Mon State. This breathtaking structure features four impressively sculpted Buddha images, each facing a different direction. Other attractions include Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda and Shampoo Island, both located near Mawlamyine.

Historically, Mon State was home to an ancient kingdom that flourished from 1044-1757 AD before being conquered by Burmese forces led by King Alaungpaya. There are many archaeological sites scattered throughout Mono state that remain as reminders of this ancient kingdom's rich culture and history.

Cities in Mon State

Mawlamyine, Mudon, Ye