Visit Bagmati Province

9.7 million

The Bagmati Province of Nepal is an area of beauty and history, located in the south-central region of the nation. It is bordered by the Kathmandu Valley, Sindhulpalchok District and Rasuwa District. This province has three distinct ecotourism zones: Langtang National Park, Shivapuri National Park, and Nagarjun Forest Reserve.

The rich cultural heritage present in this province makes it a popular choice for visitors looking to learn more about Nepal's diverse culture. Popular tourist attractions include Pashupatinath Temple - one of the holiest temples for Hindus - as well as Bhaktapur Durbar Square - a Unesco World Heritage Site known for its traditional architecture and pottery artisans.

The historical significance of this province is perhaps best exemplified through one interesting fact: during medieval times Bagmati was known as "Nepal Valley", or Nepal Mandal in Sanskrit, from which present day Nepal gets its name!