Visit Aruba

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Aruba is a small island located in the southern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, and is part of the Kingdom of Netherlands. The island's economy relies heavily on tourism, and its main attractions are its white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. Visitors flock to Aruba for its tropical climate and laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for relaxation.

One of the must-see tourist spots in Aruba is the Ayo Rock Formations at Arikok National Park. This natural landmark features volcanic rock formations that have been carved out by wind and water over time, giving it a unique visual appeal. Another popular destination is the Natural Pool, or Conchi as it's known locally - a saltwater pool created by rocks that provides excellent snorkeling opportunities surrounded by stunning scenery.

An interesting historical fact about Aruba dates all the way back to 1600 when explorer Pieter van der Stel gave away land rights on Aruba to some Dutch settlers who arrived at Oranjestad (now called San Nicolas) harbor with him on their voyage from Holland. To this day, these rights still remain with descendants who live there today.