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Cross River State is a coastal state in the south-east of Nigeria. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, gorgeous scenery and pristine national parks. The Calabar River runs through the state, which is surrounded by mountains and lush green jungle. The capital city of Calabar has a bustling port and vibrant nightlife.

One top tourist destination in Cross River State is Obudu Mountain Resort, an adventure paradise with breathtaking views from the top of the mountain that visitors can explore on foot or by cable car ride. Another must-see site is Tinapa Business Resort, an all-inclusive leisure resort with a pool, spa and shopping mall set on beautiful beaches near Calabar port.

Cross River State also has many historical sites that will captivate visitors such as the Annang Masquerades at Efut Osokom Village or the slave trade relics at Old Calabar Heritage Museum. An interesting fact about this region is that it was once part of British Cameroons before being annexed to Nigeria after independence in 1960.

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Cities in Cross River State

Ugep, Ikang, Akankpa, Calabar, Gakem