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The Hamnam of North Korea is an area on the east coast of the country, known for its beautiful beaches and scenic views. It's a popular tourist destination, with some great spots to explore such as Mount Kumgang and Yeonpyeongdo Island.

Hamnam is also steeped in history, with a number of important sites to visit. One such site is Ryongyon Pagoda, which is believed to date back to 476 AD during the Goguryeo era. This pagoda contains Buddhist scriptures and murals detailing life in the region during that time.

In addition, tourists can also enjoy various leisure activities at Hamnam including water sports like fishing or boat trips as well as beach volleyball or other outdoor activities such as mountain biking or hiking trails through the nearby national parks. There are plenty of restaurants serving local seafood dishes too making it an ideal place for sampling authentic Korean cuisine.

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Hamhŭng, Hŭngnam