Discover Kaesŏng

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Kaesong is a city located in North Korea, situated near the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea. It was the capital of the Koryo dynasty from 918 to 1394, and served as an important military outpost for many centuries. The city has rich cultural heritage, with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Kaesong Fortress and the Manwoldae Palace.

The city has some beautiful attractions to visit such as Tongmun gate, Munsu water park, Songgyungwan University and Samilpo lake which are all worth exploring. Tourists can also visit numerous historic monuments such as Taehungsan Park or Jangdan Pavilion which are quite impressive. Other attractions include Kwangbop temple or Yongdong pagoda where visitors can learn more about Buddhist culture in Kaesong.

Finally, food lovers should have a great time tasting traditional Korean dishes made with local ingredients at one of many restaurants in town or street vendors scattered around main streets. Kaesong is a great destination for tourists who want to experience life in North Korea while visiting some amazing historical sites at same time!