Visit Svalbard

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Svalbard is a group of islands located in the Arctic Sea off the northern coast of Norway. It's known for its rugged, remote terrain and large populations of polar bears and reindeer. The best time to visit is during the mid-summer months when temperatures are milder and wildlife is more active. Visitors should also take advantage of some of Svalbard's unique tourist attractions like the Global Seed Vault, an underground storage facility where millions of seeds from around the world are stored for future use, as well as Longyearbyen Museum which displays artifacts from Svalbard's mining past.

For a truly memorable experience, visitors can cruise around Svalbard's dramatic glaciers or explore Isfjorden, a stunning fjord with hanging glaciers and picture-perfect views. An interesting historical fact about this archipelago is that it was once home to Dutch whaling ships in the early 17th century as well as trappers looking for fox pelts in the 18th century.