Visit Panamá Oeste

La Chorrera
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Panama Oeste is a province in the Republic of Panama located on the western side of the country, bordering Costa Rica. It's a great spot for nature and outdoor activities, with lush tropical rainforests, expansive beaches, and majestic mountain ranges.

One popular tourist destination is El Valle de Anton, situated at the base of an inactive volcano. Here visitors can explore hot springs and take part in bird watching tours to observe exotic species like toucans, parrots and macaws.

Another interesting sightseeing experience is located in La Chorrera - The San Pedro de Cana Archeological Site which dates back to 1200 BC. This site includes burial mounds that have been preserved as a reminder of the ancient pre-Columbian cultures that inhabited this region centuries ago.

The best way to experience all that Panama Oeste has to offer is through guided excursions or renting an all-terrain vehicle for exploration independently. With its diverse landscape and rich history, Panama Oeste provides something interesting for everyone who visits!