Discover Panama City

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Panama City is the vibrant capital of Panama. Located on the Pacific coast at the southern end of Central America, this thriving city is bustling with life and culture. The cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, including its iconic landmark Las Bovedas fortress, give a unique atmosphere to this city.

The hallmark of Panama City is its rich diversity - from indigenous Kuna people to colonial Spanish influences, which can be seen in everything from cuisine to music. Nature lovers will delight in its nearby rainforests and beaches that offer spectacular views or opportunities for exploration.

While visiting Panama City, you can explore old town Casco Viejo with its stunning churches, plazas and museums; take a boat trip through the historic Panama Canal; or visit one of many art galleries that showcase local artwork. You can also experience tropical bliss by heading out to nearby San Blas Islands for breathtaking sunsets over white-sand beaches fringed by palm trees. All these attractions make it an ideal destination for travelers who love exploring history and nature as well as experiencing local culture.

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