Visit Castelo Branco District

The Castelo Branco District is located in central Portugal. It is bordered by the Tagus River to the south and Portugal's eastern border with Spain to the east. The entire district covers an area of 5,093 km2, making it one of the country's largest regions. It is home to a variety of landscapes that range from lush green forests to wide open plains and rolling hills.

Castelo Branco is known for its historical sites, such as its 12th century castle - Castelo Branco itself - where visitors can explore ancient ruins and enjoy stunning views over the region. Other places worth visiting include Seia, a bustling town in the Beira Mountains foothills with great restaurants and shops; and Monsanto, a small village on top of one of Portugal's most iconic rock formations that holds some incredible views over Central Portugal.

A fun historical fact about Castelo Branco District is that it was once part of Spain during Medieval Ages until 1297 when it was annexed by King Dinis I as part of Portugal's territory after the War between Spain and Portugal ended.