Discover Penza

519.9 thousand

Penza is located in the south-eastern part of European Russia, and is the administrative center of Penza Oblast. It has a population of 519,589 people and is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. The city has been inhabited since the 11th century, with some evidence that it existed even before then.

A visit to Penza offers an array of attractions such as several historical monuments from different eras, churches, cathedrals, museums and art galleries that showcase traditional Russian arts and crafts. Notable sites include the Tsar's Palace - a baroque palace built by Emperor Nicholas I - along with many other beautiful buildings around it such as the Governor's House.

For visitors wanting to experience traditional Russian culture, there are plenty of theater performances at various venues in the city throughout the year. There are also many restaurants offering delicious local dishes like borshch (beet soup) or Pelmeni (dumplings). Finally, you can take a stroll down Kommunarov Street - one of Penza's pedestrian streets full of cafes and shops selling souvenirs which are perfect for taking home memories from your trip!