Visit Atua

The Atua of Samoa are the traditional gods and goddesses of the Samoan people. These deities embody the power of nature and are revered as protectors and champions of their respective clans. In Samoan culture, it is believed that by properly worshipping these gods, they will bestow strength, peace, prosperity and health upon its people.

A popular tourist destination to visit in Samoa to learn more about this culture is Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in Apia. Located in a house once owned by the famous author himself, it features artifacts such as ancient carvings, weapons and tools used by locals for centuries.

An interesting historical fact about Samoan Atua is that many were seen as being related to each other through family relationships or intermarriage between two deities from different clans. For example, Tagaloa-lagi was believed to be the father of all Atua while Nafanua was his daughter who became a major figure in Samoan mythology over time due to her heroic acts during war against enemy forces.

Cities in Atua

Falefa, Lufilufi, Lotofagā