Visit Tuamasaga

The Tuamasaga is a traditional district in Samoa located on the east coast of Upolu Island. It is known for its beautiful, white sand beaches and green mountains, as well as being home to many ancient villages and sites of historical importance. Popular tourist destinations include Papaseea Sliding Rocks, which feature natural waterslides due to their smooth surfaces, and the To Sua Ocean Trench, an ocean-filled sinkhole with a ladder for visitors to climb down and explore.

In terms of history, the Tuamasaga district has played an important role in Samoan culture since ancient times. The land was gifted by Malietoa Laupepa (the first king of Samoa) in 1844 to his friend Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III of Sa'olelemalae. Tamasese Lealofi would become one of the most influential leaders in Samoan history and helped lead his people through several decades of political turbulence during the mid-1800s period known as "The Struggle". In addition to this rich cultural heritage, Tuamasaga remains a popular destination for tourists due to its stunning natural beauty.

Cities in Tuamasaga

Apia, Afega, Vaiusu