Visit Singapore

5.6 million

Singapore is a vibrant and bustling island city-state located in Southeast Asia. With its modern skyline, lush parks and diverse cultural attractions, the country is often referred to as the 'Lion City'. Singapore has something to offer everyone--from adrenaline-fueled adventures to family-friendly activities.

Popular tourist destinations include Singapore's iconic Merlion Statue at Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios Singapore, Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa Island. A visit to Chinatown will transport visitors into a world of bustling street markets, century-old temples and traditional Chinese food. For history buffs, a trip to Fort Canning Park reveals fascinating tales about Singapore's past since it was once the site of British military fortifications during World War II.

One interesting fact about the city is that it consists of 63 islands! Since gaining independence in 1965 from Malaysia, it has transformed itself from a third world country into one of the most prosperous countries in Asia with its rich heritage dating back centuries before it became modern day Singapore.

Cities in Singapore