Discover Singapore

5.7 million

Singapore is a city-state located off the southeastern coast of Malaysia. It is renowned for its modernity, rich culture and diverse population. The bustling metropolis has plenty to offer visitors, from iconic landmarks like the Merlion sculpture and Marina Bay Sands Hotel to lush parks, vibrant nightlife and an abundance of shopping opportunities.

One of the most popular attractions in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. This massive nature park showcases exotic plants from around the world in an impressive display of waterfalls, rainforests and other outdoor gardens. Singapore's Chinatown is also well worth a visit; there you will find traditional Chinese shops selling everything from food to souvenirs while soaking up some local culture including temples and markets.

Finally, no trip to Singapore would be complete without experiencing one of its many food markets or hawker centers; here one can sample delicious dishes from all over Asia at reasonable prices. With something for everyone, it's no wonder why Singapore attracts millions of visitors each year!