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Supertree Grove

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Park, Monument

Supertree Grove is a stunning sight located in the bustling city of Singapore. It consists of eighteen majestic Supertrees which tower above visitors and serve as vertical gardens with hundreds of species of ferns, vines, and flowering plants. Visitors can explore the grove by taking an illuminated night walk or take an aerial ride on the OCBC Skyway which will grant them incredible bird’s eye views of this wondrous sight.

When visiting Supertree Grove one should definitely check out the world’s largest indoor waterfall - The Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport - that flows through seven levels amidst lush greenery and attractive skyscrapers. Additionally, they may visit Cloud Forest, a tropical mountain shrouded in mist created to raise awareness about global warming. These attractions make the Supertree Grove an ideal place for those who seek awe-inspiring sights in Singapore!

Plan your visit

Planning a visit to Supertree Grove in Singapore? Here are some tips to make it a fun and enjoyable experience: 1. Start early - plan your trip in advance for the best deals on flights, hotels, and attractions. 2. Pick up a copy of the Singapore Tourist Map to help you navigate around the city. 3. Research beforehand so you know what is available at Supertree Grove–such as restaurants, shops and entertainment options–to ensure that your visit is tailored for your interests and preferences. 4. Save money by taking advantage of special offers or discounts available to visitors such as discounted tickets when purchased online or at certain locations before visiting the park itself . 5 . Wear comfortable clothes with good walking shoes so you can enjoy all that Supertree Grove has to offer without any discomfort!

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