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Castilla y León

Castile and Leon is a region located in the central-northwest of Spain, known for its breathtaking landscapes, unique architecture, and diverse culture. The region capital is Valladolid, but it also includes larger cities such as Burgos and Segovia.

Those who visit Castile and Leon will never forget their experience visiting some of the most impressive monuments in Europe. They can explore the famous Romanesque churches of Santo Domingo de Silos or Palencia Cathedral; enter into some of the most beautiful castles in Spain such as Penafiel Castle or Simancas Castle; and admire stunning cities like Segovia with its Roman Aqueduct or Salamanca with its grand Plaza Mayor.

When it comes to history, Castile and Leon has many interesting facts to offer. One that stands out is that it was an independent kingdom between 1037 and 1230 CE before becoming part of Castilla y Leon after Ferdinand III's victory over Alfonso IX at Las Navas de Tolosa during the Spanish Reconquista.

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