Discover Madrid

3.2 million

Madrid is the vibrant capital of Spain, and one of Europe's most exciting cities. Sitting high on a hilltop in central Spain, Madrid enjoys a warm and sunny climate most of the year. It is home to beautiful parks, grand plazas and captivating architecture that blends Moorish design with modern flair.

Visitors can experience Madrid's unique culture at its many museums, from the world-renowned Prado art museum to the Royal Palace which house some of Spain's finest artwork and historical artifacts. Shopping in Madrid is an experience not to be missed as well; from luxury boutiques to traditional markets, there are plenty of opportunities for a unique shopping adventure.

A trip to Madrid wouldn't be complete without spending time in some of its lively bars and restaurants offering local dishes like paella or patatas bravas with Spanish wine or sangria. Other must-sees include Plaza Mayor where you can find street performers entertaining locals and tourists alike; Puerta del Sol which is teeming with energy; or Retiro Park for peaceful strolls through its gardens.

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