Visit Navarre

Navarre is an autonomous region of northern Spain located on the Pyrenees mountain range. The region has a rich history and culture, making it a popular tourist destination. Visitors to Navarre can explore its stunning scenery and vibrant cities, such as Pamplona - home to the famous running of the bulls festival - as well as quaint villages like Olite. There are plenty of activities in Navarre for tourists to enjoy, from skiing in Candanchu to relaxing on its many sandy beaches.

Navarre is known for its strong Basque heritage and traditions which have been a part of the area since pre-Roman times. A great way to learn more about this fascinating culture is by visiting one of Navarre's many museums or churches that contain incredible architecture and artwork from across time periods. One particularly interesting museum is located outside Pamplona - Museo de la Rioja where visitors can discover artifacts related to Roman history, including mosaics and sculptures dating back 2,000 years!