Visit Uva Province

The Uva Province of Sri Lanka is a beautiful, diverse region located in the southeast part of the country. Home to an array of spectacular landscapes, this area is known for its lush mountains, lush forests and vast tea estates.

One popular tourist destination in Uva Province is the Horton Plains National Park. It is a unique highland plateau covered with grasslands and cloud forests where many endemic plants and animals can be seen. Other attractions include Dunhinda Falls - one of the most scenic waterfalls in Sri Lanka; Ella Rock - one of the best hiking spots in Uva Province; and World's End - a steep escarpment offering panoramic views from over 4,000 feet above sea level!

Uva Province has a rich history as it was once home to many powerful monarchs. In fact, King Rajasinghe I of Kandy built his palace here during his reign (1635-87). Today visitors can explore ancient Buddhist temples such as Mulkirigala Vihara, located on top of an impenetrable rock fortress that dates back to 3rd century BC!