Visit Skåne County

Skane County is located in the southernmost part of Sweden, bordering Denmark to the south. It is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning landscapes, amazing beaches and vibrant cities. Skane offers plenty of activities suited for all ages, from hiking in breathtaking nature reserves such as Tomelilla Sockerbruk Nature Reserve or Kullaberg Nature Reserve, to enjoying the lively city life of Malmo and Helsingborg.

When visiting Skane County, a must-see includes the magnificent Ales Stenar Stone Ship - an ancient circular monument made up of 59 huge boulders that has been dated back to 600-1000 AD by archeologists. This mysterious structure is believed to have been either a burial or commemorative ground used by the Swedish Vikings. For beach lovers, Lomma Beach showcases some of Sweden's most beautiful shorelines with plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby for visitors to grab something delicious after spending time on the sand!