Visit Västra Götaland County

Vastra Gotaland County is located in the south-western corner of Sweden, along the Kattegat Sea. This region is known for its abundance of natural beauty, from picturesque lakes and forests to vibrant coastal towns and sandy beaches. Vastra Gotaland also has a rich cultural heritage with numerous museums and historical sites to explore.

The city of Gothenburg is the largest city in Vastra Gotaland and offers plenty of attractions for tourists including amusement parks, art galleries, and restaurants serving traditional Swedish cuisine. Head to Marstrand Island for stunning views from the old fortress walls or take a boat ride along the Lilla Balt Waterway to experience traditional Swedish fishing villages.

In terms of history, Vastra Gotaland was home to one of Sweden's first major archaeological excavations undertaken by Linnea Stromberg in 1750. Her discoveries at Haga Church uncovered evidence that suggested humans had been living on the site since as far back as 700AD making it an important part of Sweden's past.