Visit Buri Ram

Buri Ram is a province in Thailand located in the Northeastern region. It has a rich history that dates back to the 13th century when it was part of the Khmer Empire.

The main draw for tourists visiting Buri Ram is its beautiful temples and spectacular scenery. The most famous temple in Buri Ram is Wat Nokor, which is thought to be over 800 years old and houses an impressive golden reclining Buddha statue. Another popular site is Wat Phnom Rung, which lies atop an extinct volcano and features four ancient Khmer-style towers surrounded by intricate sculptures and carvings.

The province also has a number of interesting historical facts that make it worth exploring further. In 1888, King Rama V established Ban Talat Yai as the centre of Buri Ram's administration and local culture still reflects this royal patronage today with many festivals, ceremonies and religious activities taking place throughout the year.

Other attractions for visitors include Phanom Kiri National Park which offers amazing views from its mountain peaks as well as picturesque waterfalls and wildlife such as gibbons, elephants and deer; or Prasat Muang Tam where they can explore ancient ruins dating back to the 11th century AD.