Visit Chaiyaphum

Chaiyaphum is a province in Thailand, located in the east of the country's Isan region. It has a population of around 1.2 million people and borders Nakhon Ratchasima to the west, Khon Kaen to the south and Loei to the north. It is an important agricultural area and its regional cuisine is renowned for its delicious dishes.

The provinces capital city, also called Chaiyaphum, has several attractions for tourists including Wat Khao Phansa - a large Buddhist temple with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside - and Ban Prataban Chong Sa-nga - a national park full of picturesque waterfalls and trails that take visitors through lush jungle scenery.

Chaiyaphum has a rich cultural heritage related to its long history as part of ancient Lan Na kingdom which ruled over parts of modern day Thailand from 1292 until 1558 when it was absorbed into Siam (now Thailand). The ruins of several old cities built during this period can still be found throughout Chaiyaphum province today.

Cities in Chaiyaphum

Chaiyaphum, Phu Khiao, Kaeng Khro, Kaset Sombun