Discover Sukhothai

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Sukhothai is an ancient city located in the northern region of Thailand. Steeped in history, Sukhothai was the capital of the first Thai kingdom, established in 1238 and considered to be the birthplace of Thai culture. It's known for its many ruined temples and structures from this era. Today it is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site that tourists flock to experience its unique atmosphere and learn about its past.

When visiting Sukhothai, there are two main attractions you must experience: Wat Mahathat and Wat Si Chum. Wat Mahathat was one of the most important temples within Sukhothai's city walls during its heyday, while Wat Si Chum features a spectacular seated Buddha surrounded by iconic mandala-style walls filled with intricate carvings dating back hundreds of years. Additionally, visitors can explore nearby cities such as Kamphaeng Phet and Si Satchanalai that were connected to Sukhothai by highways during ancient times or take part in cultural activities such as wood carving or pottery making at local artisan villages.