Visit Antalya Province

The Antalya Province of Turkey is located on the Mediterranean coast, making it an ideal tourist destination. With its beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, and historical sites, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The ancient city of Side is a must-see for tourists. This ancient port city was founded in the 7th century BC and retains many ruins from its past glory as a major trading hub. The Temple of Apollo and theatre are popular attractions here.

For nature lovers, the Olympos National Park is home to stunning views of untouched forests and mountainsides as well as ruins that date back thousands of years. In addition to seeing natural wonders like waterfalls and rock formations, visitors can even stay overnight in treehouses or cabins!

Antalya also has strong cultural ties with Roman culture due to its proximity to Lycia which was once part of the Roman Empire. As a result, tourists can find several Lycian monuments still standing today including tombs carved into rocks called lycian sarcophagi as well as Lycian walls throughout the region.

Overall, Antalya Province provides visitors with an unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural history - making it one destination not to be missed!