Discover Köneürgench

Koneurgench is a city located in the eastern region of Turkmenistan, situated on the Amu Darya River. With a population of approximately 150,000 people, this city holds great significance in Islamic history as one of the cradle cities of Muslim culture and civilization.

The most recognisable landmark here is that of its 11th-century ruins: The 13th century Koneurgench Fortress and two mausoleums built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Visitors can also explore several historical mosques and shrines located throughout the city.

Koneurgench has an abundance to offer travellers who wish to explore its rich cultural heritage and tradition. A visit to the open-air market will take you through bustling bazaars where you can sample local dishes or purchase souvenirs from vendors selling their handmade crafts. Tourists can also witness traditional Turkmen dances, song and music performed at various festivities held all year round within the city limits.