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Salvation Mountain

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Point of Interest, Hidden Gems ~ 1 hour

1 review
Point of Interest, Hidden Gems~ 1 hour

Beal Rd, Calipatria, CA 92233

Salvation Mountain is a unique and colorful art installation located in the city of Calipatria, in the United States. This man-made mountain, created by local resident Leonard Knight, is a vibrant expression of his faith, featuring biblical quotes and religious symbols, all painted in bright, cheerful colors.

Visitors to Salvation Mountain can explore the Folk Art Society of America-designated National Folk Art Site, which includes the mountain itself, a large area known as the ‘Hogan’ and a series of tunnels and domes called the ‘Museum’. The mountain, made from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint, is a sight to behold, standing at over 50 feet high and 150 feet wide. The ‘Hogan’, an igloo-like structure, and the ‘Museum’, a series of interconnected domes, offer a fascinating insight into Knight’s vision and creativity.

Plan your visit

Planning a visit to Salvation Mountain is easy when you plan ahead. Here are some quick tips and tricks: * Check the weather forecast before your trip as temperatures can be extreme in this desert area. * Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and protective clothing for your visit. * Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as the terrain can be uneven at times. * Have your phone charged and bring a camera as you’ll want to capture all the amazing sights!
* Give yourself plenty of time to explore - there is so much unique artistry within Salvation Mountain that it will take more than one visit! With these tips in mind, planning your trip will be smooth sailing!

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