Discover Moapa Valley

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Moapa Valley is a small town located on the northern edge of the Mojave Desert in Clark County, Nevada. It is a part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, and is easily accessible by car or train from Las Vegas. The valley itself is an oasis in an otherwise arid desert climate, surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and stunning sunsets.

One of Moapa Valley's main attractions is Valley of Fire State Park which features some incredible rock formations, including petroglyphs left behind by ancient Native American tribes that once resided there. There are also miles of trails for exploring among these red rocks, as well as camping and day-use areas for visitors to enjoy.

Another popular destination in Moapa Valley is Lake Mead National Recreation Area which offers plenty of recreational opportunities such as fishing, boating, swimming and hiking along its shoreline. Here you can find abundant wildlife like bighorn sheep and bald eagles that call this beautiful desert terrain home. And if you're looking for a grand view of the surrounding landscape head to nearby Overton Beach Wildlife Refuge which offers breathtaking views over Lake Mead and beyond.