Visit South Dakota

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South Dakota is a beautiful state located in the Midwestern United States. Known as the Mount Rushmore State, it is home to many breathtaking natural wonders and outdoor activities. Popular tourist attractions include Badlands National Park, where visitors can explore the rugged terrain and view wildlife, and Custer State Park which features stunning Black Hills scenery, camping sites, and a variety of hiking trails. Additionally, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally takes place annually in August and draws bikers from all over the world.

A unique historical fact about South Dakota is that it was once part of the Great Sioux Reservation established by President Lincoln in 1868. This reservation spanned across several states including North and South Dakota until General George Armstrong Custer's expedition discovered gold in 1874 leading to its dissolution for settlement purposes. Regardless of its past, today South Dakota provides tourists with an abundance of places to explore such as Deadwood (a former gold rush town established during the late 1800s) or Wind Cave National Park (the world's sixth longest cave). Whether you are looking for outdoor adventure or cultural exploration - there are always plenty of exciting things to discover throughout The Mount Rushmore State!